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Welcome to Mid-South Estate Sales

Mid-South Estate Sales has been conducting estate sales over 18 years. We will design your estate or relocation sale to suit your specific needs. This information should give you an idea how we operate our sales to best serve you and your family.

Estimate & Contract

We will meet with you at the sale location and walk through with you to determine what is to be sold and what you are keeping. We will make notes on specific items and come up with an estimate. We will present you this estimate and our contract and determine a date and commission %. Most times our commission ranges from 25-35% depending on size, location and condition of the home.

Set-Up Sale and Clean-Up

When the contract is signed and a date is set, we will receive a key to the house at least 7-10 days prior to the sale. We will clean up, set up and price all the contents in the house. The sale will be 2-3 days and we will sell what is sellable from your basement, attic, garage or sheds, but if a total cleanout is needed there may be a charge. We will try to sell paint & chemicals, but we can not dispose of them after the sale.

Advertising & Other Freebies

We will advertise in the paper, online with EstateSales.Net and with signs. All advertising and labor is covered by our commission.

Accounting of Sales

Our accounting of the sale results and a check for the net proceeds will be mailed or delivered to you within seven working days of the end of the sale.